If you have a passion – Puzzelize it!

Borne of Covid, or was it bored of Covid, I decided to design and develop unique puzzles instead of just building them.  Also as a result of Covid I found a deeper sense of responsibility to my community – charity begins at home!  I formed a relationship with Hennops Revival, initially supporting the Homeless Shelter which was set up in the Lyttelton Town Hall, and later cooking food together with a whole band of friends for the waste pickers and informal dwellers living along the river banks.  Now the focus is back to cleaning up the Hennops, a river I played and picnicked next to during my childhood growing up in Irene. (Horror! That was almost 50 years ago)


The Hennops River inspired my first jigsaw puzzle. The fish represents the return of healthy aquatic life, and the actual shapes of the individual puzzle pieces are representative of some of the nature that was found next to the river back then, and some that still is, (I sometimes hear a Fish Eagle from my patio). The fairy piece represents Tarryn – the small, beautiful and very capable founder of Hennops Revival who works her magic in the community and in (literally) the river.

Other pieces hold significance namely the snake that represents healing, the scrub hare and scorpion were rare finds during recent river cleanup operations, crabs used to be very prevalent in the river up till 10 years ago. We had a Paradise Flycatcher nesting in our garden when we built our home in Centurion twenty years ago.

The proceeds of this puzzle named ‘Healing the Hennops’ will help Hennops Revival become ever more effective in restoring our river back to health.

Watch this website for more puzzles supporting more causes close to home and in my heart.

– Linda Liebenberg


Linda grew up in Irene. She was a Springbok gymnast and Springbok platform diver in her youth. She studied pharmacy at Wits and owned Irene Pharmacy for many years. Now more involved in the holistic healing process, she is a Bodytalk Practitioner. She headed up springboard and platform coaching in Pretoria for 8 years and relocated to Cape Town in January 2021. Linda has been married for more than 25 years she has 2 adult children. Cydney is studying in Chicago on a diving scholarship and Julian, who is a CrossFit enthusiast, works in the tourism industry.


In collaboration with Grasshopper Geography who created the exceptional image of the river basins of Africa, this 342-piece puzzle’s unique shapes include a camel over the Sahara and a flamingo over the Great Rift Valley and many more significant pieces.

A large raindrop in the centre of the puzzle is reversible to reveal the Grasshopper Geography logo engraved on the reverse side of the puzzle.

Several multi-piece shapes include an elephant, unrecognisable until the four relevant pieces fit together, and the favourite Flame Lily.

Proceeds go to Hennops Revival who grow ever more effective in restoring the waterways.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles


The giraffe is a beautiful, wild and exotic animal and connotes uniqueness and pride. This is exactly what this puzzle represents. You will find so many unique pieces and we know that some of the 159 pieces will have some special meaning to you too!

Giraffes stand tall and represent looking into the future, seeing trends and even warning when others when they are oblivious. Just in the same way the proceeds of this jigsaw puzzle will assist Cupcakes of HOPE helping children with cancer. Helping the children and educating us with the early warning signs of cancer in children.

Rietvlei Rhino

This beautiful, colourful rhino design consists of 231 pieces. Each piece is a unique shape, such as different wild animals, trees, birds etc. Guaranteed fun and entertainment for the whole family.

The proceeds of this jigsaw puzzle will help Hennops Revival become ever more effective in restoring our river back to health.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles

Heal the Hennops

This beautiful, colourful fish design consists out of 106 pieces. Each piece is a unique shape, such as a fairy, bird, frog and many others. It is sure to entertain young and old.

The proceeds of this puzzle will help Hennops Revival become ever more effective in restoring our river back to health.

Gecko Kits

Tesselate Gecko Kit, including:
• 15 plain wooden geckos
• 2 paint brushes
• 12 colours acrylic paint
• 1 x 10 well paint pallet
• 2 drawstring storage bags
• 1x black marker

Jigsaw Puzzles

Marlene's Butterfly

This beautiful, colourful butterfly design consists out of 206 pieces. Each piece is a unique shape, such as different wild animals, trees, birds etc.

Initially this puzzle was intended help Marlene pay for the treatments she needed outside of the medical aid cover. Now the funds will be used in consultation with her children to honour her legacy.

Doodle Bee

This Doodle Bee puzzle is a representation of the work and heart of Africa. It consists of 130 pieces. Each piece is a unique shape, highlighting the work of the local outreach initiative like the reproductive system and the worker Bee spreading joy.

The puzzle will provide sustainable sanitary alternatives to care centres and contribute towards upgrading dormitories in care centres and packaged food drives for the homeless. A great cause and a thoughtful gift.

Fun for
all ages

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Each shape of the individual puzzle pieces are specially chosen and adds to the "WOW" factor of the puzzles. Our puzzles can't be compared to regular jigsaw puzzles as the unique shapes make it a wonderful challenge and stimulating experience.