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Do not be misled by the low number of pieces. This puzzle is NOT for young children, it’s for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who want to do something challenging and FUN.

FUN is in capitals for a reason….. this is the first time that I have done a jigsaw when just about every time I pulled a few more pieces out of the bag (yes, all the pieces are presented in a colourful bag) I found a smile come over my face…..rather like when one does a crossword puzzle and you get in touch with the compiler through an ingenious clue……

‘Ingenious’ is a good word for this puzzle. This is a complex wooden puzzle, an unusual commodity when most puzzles are cardboard.

None of the pieces are regular shapes, most of them are whimsies, the rest are all convoluted unique pieces.

Then there were some added nuances, as when connecting 2 pieces,   a perfect hyena appeared. A few more pieces elsewhere brought a crocodile into view…..or a mouse with a very long tail….. FUN… or what?…..

Then individual whimsies such as a tortoise, guinea fowl and bird, have been created incorporating aspects of the colourful design of the rhino, resulting in the creatures looking stand-alone authentic. WOW!! 

A big benefit of this puzzle is that it is compact. I have been doing jigsaw puzzles for most of my life, PUZZELIZE is right up there with the Rolls Royce brands like Wentworth.

– Margo Rosenberg

Meanwhile in Bright, Victoria, Australia these happy little puzzlers Oliver, Alex and Josh throughly enjoyed their Rhino project helped buy their father Gary. Grandad Rob Cox in Cape Town reports that this proved to be an excellent family gift.

– Cox Family

This is a magnificent puzzle, with fine details. I enjoyed how the little animal bird and plant shapes make up the puzzle, and yet are hardly discernable when it is completed. It is a beautiful masterpiece.

– C. Barnes

The butterfly was given by Elmarie Botha as a gift to her son’s girlfriend. Elmarie says that Manon Narcy is addicted to building puzzles. Manon says, ‘The butterfly is remarkable, like building a poem.’

– Elmarie Botha

Thanks Elmarie for your feedback, you are one of our favorite customers.