The beloved Giraffe puzzle captures the uniqueness, pride and untamed charm of this fascinating African animal. As you connect the pieces of this puzzle, we expect that some of them will hold a special meaning for you too, adding to the overall experience.

Giraffes stand tall with their heads held high, embodying the idea of looking towards the future, recognizing patterns, and cautioning those who may be unaware. Just in the same way, buying this jigsaw puzzle will support Cupcakes of Hope in their mission to aid children with cancer. By doing so, not only are you helping the children, but also spreading awareness about the early warning signs of cancer in children. Cupcakes of Hope helps families of children with cancer to cope with the strains and challenges presented.

Built dimensions: 580mmx360mm


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From the sponsor of the puzzle Desiree Stone:

The giraffe is a beautiful, wild and exotic animal and connotes uniqueness and pride. This is exactly what this puzzle represents. You will find so many unique pieces and we know that some of the 159 pieces will have some special meaning to you too!

Giraffes stand tall and represent looking into the future, seeing trends and even warning when others when they are oblivious. Just in the same way the proceeds of this puzzle will assist Cupcakes of HOPE helping children with cancer. Helping the children and educating us with the early warning signs of cancer in children.

Packaging: new look earthy packaging, with drawstring bag inside the box made with beautiful ethnic-print material.

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Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 15 cm


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